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Nintenshow Episode 59

This week, Jon, Wes and Ryan break down the news and new releases and preview the month of October.

Want to try some Mario Maker levels? If you're brave, here's some codes for levels that Jon made (he desperately wants your stars)
Koopa Caves 9ED9-0000-0046-AC03
Koopa Castle 1EFC-0000-005E-D2FA
Koopas and Cannons 8000-0000-0046-A943
Koopa Air Ride C7E4-0000-0060-E14A
Our good friend NBZ from the This Nintendo Life Podcast made a pretty unique stage. Check it out!
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Super Nintenshow 32

This week, Jon, Wes and Ryan are back together to discuss Illusion of Gaia, Mortal Kombat 2 and Super Punch-out!!

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Nintenshow Mini AT

This week, Jon goes solo to talk about New Super Mario Bros U and Ocarina of Time.

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Gotta Train ‘em all #43

This week, Jon, Wes and Ryan discuss the Pokemon caught in our Gen 6 Draft; also, Who's That Pokemon (guess who loses?) and a Pokemon slash fiction reading.

WARNING - the last 5 minutes or so are EXTREMELY filthy. DO NOT LISTEN if you are easily offended, offended by standard margins, or if you are a descent human being. No joke. It's bad.
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Nintenshow Episode 58

This week, Jon and Wes have a ton of games to talk about, as well as a movie and a book. They also preview the month of September, and break down the news.

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Super Nintenshow 31

This week, Jon and Wes chat about Breath of Fire and R Type 3.

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This week, the gang is together again to rank the Fairy types.

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This week, Jon, Wes and Ryan draft some Pokemon for another run of the 6th gen. They, they play Who's That Pokemon?

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This week, Ryan returns to join Jon in talking about some News and SNES Games.

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Earthbound Beginnings

Jon here.

Earthbound Beginnings exemplifies the necessity of off TV play. It's unimaginable to me that there was a time that we spend hours of relentless grinding with no other sensory stimulus other than the repetitious chirps of 8-bit music.

The music in the game is great, by the way.

The incessant need for those few extra levels and fighting the same sprites over and over was made more tolerable last night by rewatching The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit again. There's something very comfortable about the familiar, and Beginnings certainly has an air of familiarity about it. 

Although a map would be incredibly useful.

I highly recommend the guide. It will inform you when you need to begin grinding. It also helps the sense of progression - in that you feel like you are making some.

Familiarity often stains our perception of games. As gamers, we love the past, loathe the present and hotly anticipate the future. Many games are not fully appreciated until their moment in the sun has passed. My go-to examples of this phenomenon are Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

During the great game drought of 2016 - barring any announcements, I highly recommend playing the both of those games  again. They hold up much better than some think.

That's all.