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Pacifist Splatting

The non-participatory tactics that I encounter in Turf War are confounding. It does not occur often, but I'm onto you all who do it. You're better off helping your friends or other profiles level up by playing the game. I'm not sure what the solution to this would be on Nintendo's end would be, but it certainly should be addressed at some point.

What's even more confounding is when we win such a 3-on-4 mismatch. When on the other side of this imbalance, victor just feels hollow.

On a more pleasant note, winning all 3 rounds in Salmon Run with a 1 player handicap breeds the sort of fist-pumping elation of accomplishment normally reserved for spectators of athletic competition.

I have expressed my adoration for Salmon run briefly on the Pokemon Show, with more to come on the Mini Show, but it bears preface: I fucking love Salmon Run. It's choas distilled into 3 1-minute stanzas. The way it mixes up bosses, modes and terrain effects perfectly makes it the most highly addictive multiplayer mode I've ever played.

It is the highest-octane-y-est thrill ride I could have asked for.